September 10, 2012

Kubica sideways!

He won!

Sure, it was a local amateur rally but when was the last time you spent 20 months in hospitals after a near death experience and came out of it with such need for tire shredding?

Go Robert!

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  1. There is interesting onboard footage here:

    If you look at it you will find that Kubica's driving on tarmac is really amazing: he's always committed to the apex, his lines are always as close as possible to the inner limit of the road.

    A reliable source told me that in private testing with the Ford Works WRC team he was quicker than Latvala already at the second run. Don't know if that's true, but this weekend he will race in a "real" rally against competitive drivers, we'll understand something more.
    In the meantime it's just great to see him back.


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