August 16, 2012

What do you say as you fly off a cliff?

How many people have seen Jeremy Foley and Yuri Kouznetsov fly off the side of Pike's Peak?   My mother called me from Italy to ask me if I had seen that crazy car crash...  enough said.

Now, since both somehow got to drive another day, I don't think it's too soon to have a bit of fun.  They must agree because they posted their onboard GoPro videos ...
So what DO you say as your car flies off a cliff?  Turns out, pretty much what you'd imagine:

"Oh Shit" seems appropriate if somewhat understated considering.  "AAAAAAAAARGH" might be more what I would go with.

(Hat tip to 0-60!)


  1. And that's why I can never enjoy a twisty mountain road with a thousand foot drop off one side...

  2. truly in this case - a video is worth two words.....

  3. Axis-

    I used to street race on mountain roads and was never defeated on one road in particular. I was trying to break my record one night and came out of one of the off camber decreasing radius corners at ~80mph when I hit some dirt. Spun off the side of a 700 foot cliff and was caught by a tree. The car was literally hanging on the side of the cliff about 7 feet below the lip of the road. Didn't realize it at first until the dust cloud settled, but when I came to the first words out of my mouth were "oh f*ck." I had to climb out of the car which was verticle and the entire time I was literally fearing for my life that at any moment the tree was going to break and I was going to die.

    I can't even begin to think how terrified these guys must have been at the moment they went over the edge. In my situation I didn't know what happened until after the dust settled, they saw the whole thing happen and had to brace for the moment of impact.

    Thank God they are ok and they survived what could have been a tragically fatal accident. A testament to the strength and importance of safety equipment.

  4. So you went of a 213 meter drop? Right. That's what you get for street racing and watching to many fast and furious movies.

    1. 7 feet... read, than write.

    2. Well, 700 ft if not for that tree saving your life, from what I understand. Next time, try the gutter trick, works like a charm in Initial D.

  5. Original poster of the cliff story here, not sure who wrote the comment above but thanks. I was going to say "reading comprehension", but I can't even be bothered anymore to get into discussions with people who come at me online. Some people have a hard time believing stories that are true I guess. Whatever though.

    Yeah 700 feet if not for the tree saving my life Guillaume. It was insane and like I said I can't even begin to put myself in these guys shoes. I'm sure they thought they were both going to die, especially the passenger.

    Haha yeah we used to joke about the gutter trick in Initial D all the time. I'm sure had I been driving an AE86 Carolla it would have never happened the way it did :P


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