July 11, 2012

Sharpshooter: Darren Heath

A new feature on Axis showcasing our favorite car and motorsport photographers.  We start at the top with Darren Heath who not only is F1's top gun but always has very interesting insights on his race blog.  An example,  did you know Webber refers to Vettel as "Fritz"?  That's hilarious.

If you haven't already, bookmark Darren's site and check it a few days after the races for some of the most creative F1 shots you are likely to see.


Few more after the jump, lots more over at Darren's.


  1. I would go as far to say that not only is Mr. Heath the best photographer in F1, he also has some of the BEST insights into the inner world of the sport. I only wish he would write as much as he snaps. Great stuff as always on this blog, too!

  2. can you explain the fritz thing? i dont get it..

    1. He's probably not referring to the opera....

    2. "Listen, don't mention the war. I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it!"

      See the youtube video below for a further explanation:


    3. AC:

      Thats a very cool pic in the top of the page.. im planning to do some framed pictires for my departent and you seem to have very nice ones.. can you recommend / give some of those ??? thanks..


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