July 11, 2012

Huayra Monkey

Be honest, would you rather spend $1.4 M on this rolling sculpture built in gorgeous factory in Emilia-Romagna or $1 M on a re-bodied Elise with a pushrod engine built in a shady Texas garage?

Surprised Harris can't think of another 730HP two wheel drive car though. Really? He could probably see one from where he filmed this clip!

You can follow Chris HArris on twitter @harrismonkey and read more about the Huayra at PistonHeads


  1. Love the snark: "shady Texas garage."

  2. Far from shady here in Texas right now. But I do get what you mean considering Hennessey's past track record in the Venom hay-days.

    I'd rather build a Factory 5 GTM and then build my LSX engine up for that vehicle. 1200 whp LSX powered cars aren't impossible to come by now. I could take the money I saved and spend it on...Hell, anything including a slew of other supercars or maybe a Singer Porsche or two or three...

    If I had the cash to spend, a Huayra would be at the top of the list.

  3. There were a couple of guys named Jim Hall and Hap Sharp that built some pretty decent cars in a shady, Texas garage. Maybe you've heard of them.


    1. Don't forget Carroll Shelby... yeah, they were a whole other kind.


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