June 18, 2012

Racetracks, Cars and Deer do not mix

Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia is notorious for wildlife intrusions.   A varmint chicane can appear at any time and any place but the favorite spot seems to be just before Turn 1, coincidentally the fastest spot on the track.

That annual Race, Drift, Beer and Boobs festival that is Hyperfest took place over the week end and while most had a great time, the driver of this C5 Z06 was probably not in the mood for venison.

Want to see a video of what hitting Bambi well north of 100 mph looks like?


  1. Here's good motivation to keep your visor closed even inside a car.

  2. But I have an open face helmet... :(

  3. holding the steering like that he deserved that and to never drive a car over 50mph again...

  4. "FAST LRNR" I think not...
    You have to see the whole track at all times...
    If he would have looked down the track he'd would have seen the deer running wildly with no place to go. He had at least 6+ seconds to take action; but when you are too busy wondering what kind of cool wave to give the car you are overtaking...

  5. That looked pretty unavoidable to me...especially at around 100mph

  6. I hate armchair quarterbacks.


  7. nearly hit a deer at 90 the other day got it down to bout 50 before i smashed it, shat myslef


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