May 25, 2012

Renault Alpine A110-50 on the streets of Monaco

And some historic A110 footage. It's useful to remember that the rear engined A110 were essentially like 911 if the engineers never tamed the horrid behavior. They were, how can I put it, tricky.

Now this A100=50 tribute, concept, race car, whatever it is,  looks very cool and at 400 hp x 880 kg with full aero, sequential gearbox and full Magneti Marelli data collection package (like on the Ferrari 458 Challenge) and the noise from that V6 turbo... well sounds like our kind of toy, right?

Press release straight from La RĂ©gie Renault, desktop sized pictures and more clips after the jump.


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  1. After that third video I have the odd hankering to have an OSS 117 movie marathon.


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