May 27, 2012

Red Bulls might have to start Monaco from pit lane.

Red Bull might have to start the race from pit lane and/or face a protest from Mclaren and Ferrari because of a hole on their floor in front of the wheels.
This hole runs afoul of paragraph 3.12.5. of the rules, stating an exclusion zone for openings. according to other teams.    At this point if RBR were to cover up the opening, they would break the park ferme regulations and would have to start from pit lane. I'm guessing they will do nothing and take their chances after the race, but we'll see.
(via Auto Motor und Sport)


  1. Hmm, I've yet to watch the race (torrent hunting ATM) but in avoiding the results I've seen some apparent drama. Now I'm intrigued.

    Question is, did RBR think they could get away with something so obvious? Did they only just bolt this bit on before quali and hope nobody noticed? Surely they'd have known it was outside of the regs, and the potential for penalties if they went ahead w/it anyways.

  2. Ahhh dammit I just managed to read the results (damn you google!) so it would seem this will become an issue.

    Still waiting for a seed. c/mon, bit torrent...

  3. Bit in question has been on since Bahrain and has the apparent blessing of the stewards. Source


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