April 19, 2012

Watch Michele Alboreto hoon a Ferrari F40

it's classic 1980's fare so maybe a bit hard to watch at times and sure, our Italian speaking tracktard friends will get more out of it but what a cool memory of the great Michele Alboreto, hooning a fire breathing,  F40 at Fiorano.

In 1987 Alboreto had fought, along with Gerhard Berger, with a very unreliable F1/87, retiring from 9 races during the season.  No wonder he looks a bit down!

With him is the Italian Murray Walker, Ezio Zermiani, the voice of F1 for ages.

Two factoids I did not know about the F40: It could be ordered with straight cut gears (never heard this before)  and it has a 32 gallon fuel tank!

Alboreto in the video describes the F40 as "a bit like a German shepard, you can pet it and it will be nice but if you are mean to it it will bite you"

Awesome and touching in the end.

Curious about the F40? Check out its Owner's manual HERE

(Thank you StefanoDC)


  1. It's very sad to think that less than 15 years later he wouldn't be among us anymore.

  2. Mi ha fatto commuovere.
    Grazie AXIS!
    Grazie Michele!

  3. I was 7 when my dad bought his F40 in 1990, and the factory flew us over for a short trip. We had a few hot laps around Fiorano, and though I don't remember who was the driver nor could I see over the dashboard, it felt from the inside the way this video depicts the outside. Great find.

  4. Venti anni fa abitato a Firenze e Roma. Ringrazie per lo video piu bello. Mi piacere tanto vedere la Italia! :)

  5. I'm a big believer in technology, progress and improvement of the breed. Modern Ferraris are just spectacular, but an F40 is the ONLY Old Car in the world I crave and loose sleep over owning one at some point in my life.

    Great find AC, now go find me a cheap F40!!

  6. The F40 presence is just overwhelming, and Michele was such a gentleman. He was going to be in charge of Italian young drivers development, but then Lausitz came... How sad.

    Another Ferrari I would give everything for is the modern GTO, for me it's stuff of dream!

  7. Sick video. You guys always dig up them gems. Sure you aren't archeologists?


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