April 30, 2012


"...there has not been a day in my life where something has not hurt..."

Yes, if Lewis Hamilton had not been his brother he would never have gotten Vodafone as a sponsor in UK Clio Cup or had Mclaren prepare his car but you got to take your helmet off to Nic.  Well done man!

Take the 50 or minutes or so and have a look at this BBC piece about Nic Hamilton quest to go racing despite his disability.

Not sure how I feel about Anthony Hamilton, at the very least he's redefining tough love there... Who knows maybe he's a sweetheart under all that.


  1. Nic also qualified 6th (0.2s off pole) and 7th for the Clio races at Thruxton this past weekend.

  2. Powerful stuff, excellent docco.


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