April 6, 2012

Epic or clown show? the 1970 Spanish Grand Prix.

This may be one of the most epic F1 shots ever but no doubt the race was an epic clown show

Next time you feel like complaining about Formula One's odd rule and regulatory decisions, consider the 1970 Spanish Grand Prix and you'll go light a candle to Saint Bernie Ecclestone.

No qualifying required for "celebrity" drivers and teams, a scuffle with police on the grid, the race not stopped despite a huge active fire and fire fighting foam spread across the racing circuit (actually, Bernie might some ideas there...), only five out of sixteen cars cross the finish line.
Remember it before you pine for the good ol'days.


  1. The low angle camera work is great. Really see the cars dancing.

    And, yeah, clown show.

  2. I am collecting my Jaw from the Floor!!!... ;@ Unreal!...

  3. don't even try to mention. From 65 to 70 best cars, sounds, races and pilots except for Jackie Ickx who I hate because he killed in my view one of the soon to became best driver of all times.

  4. Was this the first time an f1 team put the radiators in sidepods?


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