April 16, 2012

Best of Racing Clips: April 13-15 2012

ALMS From Long Beach CA

ALMS from Long Beach

Spezial Tourenwagen Trophy from Hockenheim

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Elise Trophy from Silverstone

Pirelli World Challenge from Long Beach

VLN from Nürburgring

WTCC from Marrakech

Indy Car from Long Beach

BTCC from Donnington

Auto GP from Marrakech


  1. Appreciate the recap, but this time you really forgot something. The best single-seater race I've seen in a long time...


    1. nice find, added. But I certainly hope nobody is planning on racing F1 on that track.

    2. Believe it or not, I just read on Autosprint that they are filing a request for the 2015 F1 calendar. And there is even a graphic with an update project by Herr Tilke...

      Anyway, great race, that Campana had to whitstand some real pressure...


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