March 6, 2012


...because they can.

Someone in a comment below had asked, why?....


  1. I couldn't come to terms with what it reminds me of, but I just had an 'aha' moment; it reminds me of the Toyota FT86. I know; "wtf?".

  2. Can't help but think that the title for this post is in reference to my earlier comments on the F12. Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I see your point Charlie and I kind of agree with you.

    Since the Veyron it seems that everyone is obsessed with high horsepower and that if it's under 700-800hp on the street its not enough.

    For me 300whp + ~2000lbs and a good B-road are a bigger thrill than 1000+ horsepower any day. I got the opportunity to ride in a 1200hp sand rail built by Tom Nelson and I wasn't really that impressed. It was fast sure, but it wasnt as exciting as a 30hp go kart. When I told him on the ride home from Pismo he gave me this look like I didn't get it. It's all down to balance for me.

    Car manufacturers are approaching HP levels in street cars where I get the feeling they are doing it just to trump the next guy instead of focusing on building a balanced car.


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