March 26, 2012

The Mountain.

You are not seeing things, it's not photoshop. We are used to big air from supercross bikes but superbikes?

Meet The Mountain at Caldwell Park, the Mini Nürburgring in Lincolnshire,UK  home of what has to be the most awesome launch pad in motorcycle racing.

Johnny Rae is a boss here,  boss enough to do the Mountain one handed if the mood strikes him.

I mean what could possibly go wrong? This next clip, NOT for the squeamish.

(thanks to Gordon Inch for the clips!)


  1. United Kingdom. Home to real men, who race on real circuits (where mistakes end up in a gravel trap or a wall, not acres of run off), in the best national championship in the world.

  2. This is great post!I would like to see this type race.


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