February 18, 2012

Weekend reading: What's the coolest car brochure ever?

I'm sure there are plenty cool ones but we submit it does not not get much more awesome than this 1969 homologation special. Can you top it?

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  1. Do not what happens with the whole internet watermaking old images...=(... Anyway thanks for sharing

  2. Was going to wine about the water mark too!

  3. I appreciate you posting this (it's cool as hell!), but where do you get off watermarking it?

  4. Hmm. do you post the same thing on Speedhunters or Jalopnik? They watermark all the time. Frankly, I was hoping these pictures would get around some and bring more traffic this way.
    You know how it works otherwise, they get picked up by a large site who then takes all the views and Axis gets screwed. Kind of tired of that, among other things.

  5. So you are able to take it from other sites and make it "yours"? I posted the same thing on IEDEI months ago.......and YOU have not scanned these images....unlike you, i actually cite the references I use. It is unfortunate that oo many up and coming blogs do not cite their sources; it seems you are doing the same thing. People need to get their stuff together as this lack of integrity is becoming absurd.


  6. Hey you know what, I spent hours scanning pre owner's manual for my grandfather's 300 SL... I did not watermark it, It ended up on other web sites.

    I make it a point of giving credit to photographers wheneverpossible.. To get bent out of shape over a commercial brochure is a bit over the top, no? I'm sure people realize it was originally published by Porsche.

  7. that's not the right attitude to have.....the reason why your 300SL brochure was stolen is exactly the attitude you are displaying in stealing content. What you are doing is what is creating this sort of problem online. You did not scan the brochure, so cite the original source. Follow the link i posted to the original site where the brochure was scanned and sourced.

  8. Hang on a second....I STOLE content? from whom, Porsche?

  9. I'm so sorry to hear those coments, I just wanted to express my opinion. I do not read jalopnik, neither speedhunters, not interested in his blog.

    @syed, I always read you bitching about source http://thechicaneblog.com/2012/02/08/silver-arrows-to-race-goodwood/

    How do you know they got the brochure from you? Axis images are bigger than yours... It's been on the internet for years... just Google "917 brochure" and'll get lots of sources. That what I did so I could save it without the watermarks.


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