February 16, 2012

Street Legal: 2014 Radical RXC Coupé

As awesome a track toy as they are, the idea of a Radical being a "street legal car" is pretty amusing. Get a bike already if you are going to have to wear a full face helmet to go to the Hamptons in your SR3 SL.

But what is they put a roof on it? that becomes an entirely different proposition in our books. Towards the end of the video (via Sport Auto) you catch a glimpse of the upcoming Radical RXC Coupé.
With 650HP V8 power and real aero in something that weighs about as much as couple of toasters, aside from the fact that it will probably get stuck on the first bump you will find and then catch on fire, it very well may be the new boss for the Track Day World Championship!



  1. I dunno guys, my spec Saab is pretty fast.

  2. hahaha pretty crazy car. Would be fun on a road with lots of turns, as in more than 7.


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