February 22, 2012

Toyota TS030 test session and onboard video

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First tests for the Toyota TS030 hybrid LeMans racer at Circuit Paul Ricard.
What's certainly striking is the car sounding like a electric go-kart from hell while in pit lane.
I'm not sure what the point of all that is but certainly Toyota Motorsport's experience with the Nürburgring record holder Alpha1/EV P001 must have come in handy.

More videos after the jump

(Via Toyota, Motosportblog.it,Racecar Engineering and those who kindly uploaded the clips to YT)



  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing this year's Le Mans because of this car and the Delta Wing, along with the usual suspects. A friend pointed out that the electric-motor-from-hell noise could also be due to straight cut gears. Any thoughts?

  2. Agreed, that's just standard gearbox noise with no engine to cover it up. Listen to any race car and you'll hear the turbine-like sound of the straight-cut gears.

  3. Sounds like a Star Fighter.. or what one would probably sound like anyway. Definitely gearbox noise mostly, but who cares. At least the gas engine sounds like an F1. More entertaining than the Audi!

  4. Nice to see them using the old long grand prix track. That Mistral straight at its proper length . Hope F1 goes back there...much nicer area to visit than Magny Bore. I also hope these hybrids render diesels obsolete. At least they sound like racing cars.


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