February 6, 2012

Red Bull RB8 has them guessing

2012 Red Bull RB8
Adrien Newey's latest rocket sled for Sebastian Vettel is already making people wonder.

Like everyone but Mclaren, Red Bull went with the step nose solution but unlike everyone else there is something different on that hump. Aero piece or simple cooling vent?

I never heard of anything simple in F1 so it will be interesting to learn more. Sauber's car also has opening by their stepped nose but in that case it seems mre of a clear cut vent.

For their Launch Red Bull went all projection mappy, like Madonna at the Super Bowl. Check out the clip after the jump

Cool, now on with the testing.


1 comment:

  1. My guess is that they found a way to blow the diffuser with air that isn't coming from the engine.

    I'm not sure that it's allowed, but if there's nothing against in the rules, it could be a good guess...


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