February 7, 2012

Green Hell: German Government retakes control of Nürburgring management

(photo: reventas.org)

As the Ring turns: the long sad saga of the Nürburgring "re-development" has come to a head with the regional government in effect firing the very same people it gave millions of Euros of public moneys to.

The promise was of a redevelopment of the track into a year round entertainment complex, complete with gigantic mall, museums, spas and jobs for all the locals. Predictably, it was pretty much a bust. Nurburgring AG succeeded in raising prices and crowding out people who had made a good living gouging serving track hungry petrol heads on their Eiffel Hajj.

The foreseeable future is one that will give a sizable stimulus to German lawyers, sure to be busy sorting this mess out. I'm guessing the gentlemen involved in the deal will make out OK in the end too.

The local government is saying they are searching for a new operator for the complex.
In the balance, among other things, is the fate of future German GPs that were to be held at the Nürburgring on alternate years (alternating with Hockenheim).

Finding someone willing to step into that ill conceived mess will not be easy, no doubt it will require more expenditures that will then result higher fees for all... Green Hell indeed.

I'm sure STR will have all the latest, check them out .


  1. Fingers crossed this will be the path to the end of this sad saga.

  2. 'foreseeable' is the correct spelling.


  3. Who operated it before this huge Scheiße storm? Give it back to them.


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