February 29, 2012

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

6262 cc, 65 degree V12 direct injection.

740 CV (730 HP) @8250 rpm.
690 Nm (509 ft/lb)@ 6000 rpm (80% available from 2500 rpm).
Power to weight ratio 2.1 kg/cv.
30% more fuel efficiency over the 599 GTB

Double clutch gearbox, transaxle layout.

Dry weight (with optional LTW components) 1525 kg/3362 lbs
Aluminum alloy space frame chassis.
weight distribution 46% front 54% rear.

Top Speed: 340 Km/h, 211 mph.
0-100 km/h 3.1 sec.
0-200 km/h 8.5 sec.

76% more downforce @ 200 km/h than the 599 but with less drag
(still a rather high 0.299?).

Body is 20% more rigid than the outgoing 599 GTB.
Specially developed tires.
Active aero brake cooling with temperature activated vents!

Looks: Scaglietti design is challenging at first but that upside down swoosh that started with the Nissan GT-R and is now part of the design language, check it out on the latest BMW M6 too.

priced around 300,000 Euros


  1. I think it's absolutely stunning.

    Interesting fact, this car will cost an Italian owner nearly €9000 in road tax alone. Although I suppose if you can afford the price of the car, that won't make much difference...

  2. Yea, looks gorgeous. Absolutely love it.

  3. That sound.... Consider that there is a good chance this will be the last front engined v12, the future is all turbos and hybrids...

  4. Maybe that means mine will be worth more one day!

  5. Looks like there is dashboard display for the passenger showing gear, RPM, etc. cool!

  6. Wonderful.

    When is the GT1 spec race car version coming (as a tribute to the awesome 550 Maranello days).

  7. WTF :( ? I'll probably get crucified for saying this but the last truly beautiful front-engine Ferrari was the 550 Barchetta... Ever since they just get worse! And why - the mid-engine Ponies a la 360, 430, 458, Enzo...all look amazing but the front-engine cars w/ the 599, 612 (borderline), the fugly FF, and now this thing - c'mon where's the disconnect?

  8. Even more reason to get an Aston V12 Vantage - the last real front-engine brutally awesome & awesomely brutal GT left today - and it looks the part too!

  9. AC-

    .29 Isn't a bad CoD at all. Found this chart and thought I'd share:


  10. Nonsense from those who say an Aston is better. Have you ever driven both cars? DBS cs 599 no contest
    This is the most advanced, more powerful and LIGHTER front engine V12 supercar on sale. Me want one!!
    And it's only RWD!!!! AWD and looks are for posers

  11. check out this video to get an idea of what those barge boards and side cut out might do. Specifically look at how the flow comes off the top inboard of the front fender and then down the side. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_BnHXfvZVFo

  12. I wonder where on the post-Enzo front-engine V12 depreciation curve the F12 and FF will fall. Unlike some missteps (e.g. 456 with GM automatic), I think FF and F12 are legitimately competent, desirable road cars.

  13. The F12 Berlinetta is said to be more efficient than the 599 and is able to lapping the Fiorano test circuit in 1 min 23 seconds. The interior has more features as compared to 599 and increased luggage space.


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