February 21, 2012

Ferrari "620GT": Let's see if we're close.

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Ferrari is teasing the 599 replacement:

While we have no clue as to what the 599 replacement will be named, here are our educated guesses:

6.3 liter V12 Normally Aspirated.
740HP with 80% of torque available from 2500rpm.(GTO:670hp)

No carbon fiber chassis but wide use of lightweight materials keeps weight to 1525Kg/3360 lb (GTO:1605/3540)

0-100km/h = 3.1s (599 GTO=3.35s)
0-200km/h = 8.5s
vmax 340 km/h, 211mph (GTO: 335km/h-208mph)

About twice the downforce of the 599 at 200km/h.

Two seconds faster than an Enzo on the Fiorano test track.

Looks are described as something of the one-77 mixed with the FF and the 458.
Lower shorter and thinner than the 599.

price in the 300,000Eu range.

Official presentation will be on the 29th.

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