February 20, 2012

Death of a Cayman

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(photo: Blakely)

Remember how, prefacing James Clay's article on track car preparation, I mentioned how at Axis we've all figured out long ago every part of a car is a consumable? CG just consumed another engine on the Axis/Martini Cayman on that washboard torture test that is Sebring last week.

Another lump giving its life for the cause, RIP.

The video is the last 13 or so minutes of this M97's life so if you want to see just hear the sickening sound of Porsche guts dying, fast forward to 13:30.



  1. My S54 let go in the exact same place... But I had the rear tires covered in oil since a con rod that snapped and sliced the block....

  2. Why did he coast for so long, as opposed to pulling the car over to the left before T16 (there's a LOT of space)?

    Also I like how the throttle indicator blipped as the dead car was passed on the back straight.

    Wonder what's next. Another argument for a GT1-derived track car...

  3. The M97 is more consumable than most engines...

  4. I coasted b/c there was no signs of smoke or fluid dumped on track and no one behind in a warmup session and preferred to stop on a straight over hard surface rather than grass (risk of fire) and get as close as possible to pit entry (false hope of getting the thing going again!)

  5. Sorry to see that you broke! Never a good thing to see.
    Hope it comes back together soon!


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