January 4, 2012

Return of the coolest 911 video ever

The original coolest 911 video ever disappeared from YouTube but because Axis is the best and we love you, we found the 1963 Duel Motorsport prepared 911 (901) again.

Sit back and enjoy Roman Caresani's amazing skill.

Bonus video after the jump


  1. Decent power and low grip sure make for entertaining driving. Its no wonder all those vintage cars are so fun to watch. Great video!

  2. What a horrific roll cage. What is with people building this garbage. Hope he never crashes because he'll need some surgically implanted knees.

  3. That guy's got skills and all, but everybody knows this is the coolest 911 video evar.

  4. Oooh, I smell a smackdown! What cooler, power or inertial oversteer?

  5. I'm going with the Moose. That yellowbird video is amazing.


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