December 2, 2011

2011 Macau Motorcycle GP

...because what else do you do while waiting for the Isle of Man TT?

Thing is, the TT is essentially a race against the clock, the Macau Motorcycle GP is actual wheel to wheel action. on the plus side, they can pass in the tight section!

Check out the video by Segio Perez after the jump


  1. There are some amazing photos of the race on Facebook including this incredible shot that shows how close they get to the wall:

  2. Thanks Rahul, some of this pictures are amazing!

  3. Yeah, it's an amazing video. The Macau GP is rather unique in regards to circuit racing, love it.

    If you guys enjoy this kind of stuff, check out some more Isle of Man TT footage as well as SuperMoto stuff. Both are nuts, albeit different.


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