November 17, 2011

A lap of the Macau in Tom Coronel's WTCC BMW

World Touring Cars will be in that insane labyrinth that is Macau this week end. A track that is so tight a section has to be under yellow flag condition permanently, is just well, ...special.

Tom Coronel takes us around in his BMW pointing out the sites... thanks Tom, now keep your eyes on the road!

here's a bonus video from Tom


  1. Now I need to watch that race because I cannot see any point where there is a serious possibility of passing. I've heard F1 races called a 'procession' but that looks like a pretty boring race in a canyon...

  2. WTCC in Macau, CliffNotes edition.

    A whole bunch of econoboxes crash the everloving tits out of each other at the first corner. One extremely lucky driver misses the carnage and wins.

  3. rinse reapeat for a number of laps. They race bikes there too which is perhaps even more nuts!

  4. Macao is the best location for touring cars, just love it. And Coronel - ha-ha, he had to leave SEAT and join BMW in order to make his debut at Axis ;)))


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