November 24, 2011

the 2012 Porsche 991 bests the 997 GT3 RS..

Axis approved reviewer at work: According to Chris Harris, the new 991 Carrera S is better than the 997 GT3 RS,. All you Porschistas immediately sell your crappy old outdated 997 GT3's to me for cheap!



  1. As much as I hate the endless size increases, the 991 is one hell of a good looking car

  2. Oh boy, I've been saving for a used GT3. Current GT3 owners, please flood the market now with your cars!!! I can always dream, can't I?

  3. Absolutely, 997 are now officially garbage... all current owners should be extremely embarrassed to be seen in one, they must be sold...especilly gt3s! :)

  4. Could you please, please, please note in these videos that the road is closed so you don't encourage porche drivers to cross the double yellow and kill a biker? I've seen too many people do it now.


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