October 21, 2011

CAR scoop!

When I posted the video of the Cayman R vs BMW 1M below, I confess to just looking at the pictures an giving no attention whatsoever to what the professional paid journalist in it was saying, a typical and maybe bad habit of mine.

My loss because, as some of you pointed out, I missed the face palm inducing revelation by CAR editor Ben Barry of a "3.4 liter straight six" in the Porsche Cayman R!
Sure, anyone can flub a line or get confused but how minblowing is it that it gets through the editorial process and the quite extensive post a magazine like CAR will do for its YouTube clips?



  1. I heard him and my mind raced for a nano-second at what the hell that layout would do for the rear passengers, the weight distribution, the centre of gravity... perhaps it's laid horizontal and transverse? WTF?!

    As a life long porker fan the cayman is looking like an affordable 911 to me (someone shoot me now if this is grossly out of order) and so much more like a Porsche than the Audi-TT target market chaser that was the Boxster. TT = Beetle = Golf = Bora etc. Why people buy such derivatives is beyond me and why Porsche tried to woo them I don't know.

    So my mind took a nano-second to weigh up the straight-six layout and conclude that no matter what they do with the Cayman and even with its price range, I still can't afford one :)

  2. The Cayman has become a fantastic package in the last couple years. I'd consider one if I wasn't hoping to pick up a low mileage 993.

  3. He and other magazine staff have actually apologised for that little mishap. We all make mistakes. :)


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