October 21, 2011

2013 Formula 1 New Jersey Grand Prix Confirmed on Tuesday?

There was some talk of this this past summer, I like many others war more than a little skeptical but this just popped up on AutoWeek.

" Speed TV on Friday said it will interrupt its regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday, Oct. 25, at 2 p.m. Eastern to "bring audiences live coverage of a special announcement regarding the future of Formula One Grand Prix racing in the United States."

The broadcast is expected to be the formal announcement of the previously rumored New Jersey F1 race that will take place in view of the Manhattan skyline, probably in 2013 and likely paired with the Montreal F1 race.

The effort to bring the race to a temporary street-circuit in Weehawken and West New York in New Jersey is headed by gentleman racer Leo Hindery Jr., who is the former head of the YES network, and who is married to Speed TV executive Patti Wheeler, daughter of former Speedway Motorsports Inc. executive and legendary promoter Humpy Wheeler.

A well-regarded NASCAR executive is rumored to be joining the effort, though that announcement may or may not come on Tuesday.

The race is expected to complement the already-announced U.S. Grand Prix scheduled to debut in November 2012 in Austin, Texas, as well as a race planned for Mexico."

If it happens, they better use the Lincoln tunnel helix and run the cars around the Javitz Center and back out to New Jersey!

Stay tuned

Read more: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20111021/F1/111029957#ixzz1bT7nXZDD" .


  1. I've been waiting for F1 to go to the east coast for quite some time...AWESOME!

  2. I wonder if they will have to stop for tolls and not be able to fuel their own cars...

  3. I want to see them have a support race consisting of nothing but lost NYC cabbies.

  4. 'I want to see them have a support race consisting of nothing but lost NYC cabbies.'

    Epic. Starting grid based on how many 'lost' cellphones are lodged in the back seat.

  5. Even Bernie can't afford the tolls here. Besides, I won't believe F1 is coming here until I am standing on the side of the street and an F1 drives past. Then I'll believe the hype, but not until.


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  7. I'd like to think this is for real. But Bernie could make these information fly around in order to improve his position during all the negotiations with existing circuits in Europe and Asia which are in trouble. Yeongam, Valencia, etc., besides the first ever Russian GP doesn't look as 100% confirmed because the construction is still on its very early stage...

  8. They can always hold it in a parking lot...


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