September 7, 2011

Supercar Traffic Jam

For your voyeuristic pleasure. Thank god the economy in the UK is not going so well, otherwise this fellow would have been really confused...

"I apologize for not really knowing what to film! This is the moment 150+ supercars fired up to leave Gurston House to arrive as part of the supercar convoy at this summer's Wilton House event. As you can see it's a bit of a jam as everything tries to get out of the car park but a sample of the cars present:

2 Bugatti Veyrons
Koenigsegg Agera
Koenigsegg CCR
2 Ferrari 599 GTOs
Ferrari Enzo
Ferrari F40
Ferrari 288 GTO
Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
2 Jaguar XJ220s
2 McLaren MP4-12C
Porsche Carrera GT

Filmed at the 2011 Wilton House event, organised by JayKayBi. For Wilton House 2012, please see the event page on Facebook:"



  1. The 288 GTO, what a car... it still stands out from the crowd!

    And by the way, I'd be ashamed to be in there with one of the latest Mustangs, even the best one. Nothing to do with the "Supercar" concept...

  2. Matte black paint and red rims, what a way to ruin a DB9! That XJ220 was lovely though.


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