September 7, 2011

Get in Gunnar's head

We love helmet cams. Here you are Gunnar Jeannette, driving the CORE Autosport LMPC at Road America.

(Photo ALMS)

Added another video with good audio from a fixed on board, also from Road America, after the jump


  1. Red flags all the way around on the second of those laps from the exit of T-1. Evidently ALMS' procedure for a red flag is quite different than the SCCA's.

  2. RedFlags in AlMS are different than SCCA. They are closer in definition to a black flag all than what SCCA uses the red flag for.

    Here is the IMSA definition:

    RED FLAG (see also Article 6.18)
    This flag is used exclusively at the discretion of the Race Director to stop practice, qualifying or the race and is displayed by the Official Starter and all corner stations.
    When the red flag is shown, Drivers will decelerate to a slow speed and be prepared to stop at any time. Drivers should use caution and be aware that rescue vehicles may be using the track; the track may be totally blocked; or weather conditions may have made the circuit un-drivable at racing speeds. No passing. Unless otherwise directed by the Race Director or marshals, they will proceed in a line, slowly and carefully around the circuit to the pit entrance where they will be directed further.

  3. There is a car off towards the end of his first lap and he's on the radio after turn 2 (kind of a half hearted red flag there) and he looks like he's not on it so much for the rest of the lap.
    Seth, guess you are allowed to pass under red flag or was that a boob move there?

  4. I know it seems like a little detail but having the camera centrally mounted instead of on the side of the helmet make it so much more natural feeling.
    But what gets me is the lack of engine noise! Especially considering its a petrol V8. Would the driver really only hearing 90% wind?

  5. @ Jonny Cut Corners:
    Gunnar's using a Gopro, and it's mic is pretty sensitive for wind noise at speed.
    If I stick my Gopro to my rear bumper for recording the exhaust note, all I get is that same windnoise.
    It's nothing like that when driving. ;)


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