September 22, 2011

Porsche GT3 Challenge Round 13, Laguna Seca

Axis of Oversteer #75 at Laguna Seca

What more to say about our CG, he started P16 and ended the race on the podium in third after a grueling 75 minutes.
He saved his tires early, he dodged the spinners, the strays and made the bold moves when he had to. Fantastic job, we will have to call him Jenson Gomez from now on and, as Diego Mejia suggested, change to Axis of Overtaking!

Next and final rounds at Petit Le Mans, Road Atlanta Septemner 28th to October 1st. We will be running a Photo Contest for that race as well, so get your cameras ready!

Here is a video of the race, condensed and annotated. It was shot with a GoPro super wide angle camera and looks great in HD. I promise an entertaining 18 minutes or so.
(Photo: TRG)

Note to iPad users, apparently the youTube captions will not work on a mobile device, sorry.



  1. Thanks for sharing really enjoyed it! Great driving, well deserved P3.

  2. congratulations and thrilling video

  3. Great video, enjoyed every second of it! Grats on podium, well deserved.

  4. What an amazing performance, my congrats to CG and the whole Axis of Oversteer team. I also have to say I was shocked that 15 years old wunderkind has managed to win this championship with even some races to go...

  5. Yeah, how amazing is that? His mom is the Melanie in the video, pink car, competing in the top class with CG! Some way to keep an eye on your kid eh?

  6. Andrea, are you kidding me? ;) I guess this boy has a brilliant future in touring or whatever he will chose after his 18th birthday.

  7. Great drive CG! Thanks for posting the video. Hated to see Randy Trice get taken out like that.


  8. Way to go CG! Great video!

  9. CG, P16 to P3? is it that easy?

    Congratulations, awesome race. I love Laguna Seca.

    I have a pair of tricks to share with you on Laguna that we can talk over beer. Good for 1 second, for real.

    Your car is the best looking GT3 in grid.


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