September 25, 2011

The Lewis and Felipe Show.

This will be "the incident" the 2011 Singapore GP will be remembered for. In the end it's racing and frankly neither one of these two is the sharpest pencil in the F1 box at the moment. Hamilton was pretty shameful bitching at his team for the qualifying mistake and then declaring he does not want to be lame like Barrichello (Ok that was kind of funny). You can't do that, not when you are going to have a start like that and then make a mistake like he did with Massa. Note that that is not the first time Massa does something like that, a few years back when he bumped with Alonso they had words after the race, or more precisely Massa went at it, Alonso just smiled and brushed it off. Then again Alonso won that race. Lewis instead threw a hissy fit. Oh well, at least he lucked out with Grandpa Schumi's crash and ended up in the points after all. Drivers of the race: Vettel for being an alien and, again, Jenson Button for being in a state of grace right now. I think that really is what's driving Hamilton off the deep end: he will enter 2012 as a de facto #2 at Mclaren in many people's eyes .


  1. Hamilton needs to get the goddamned sand out of his tutu and start driving.


    Doesn't look like Alonso just smiled and brushed it off, does it?

  3. Vettel is a great driver, but truly Webber is an embarrassment, and Newey is the alien.

  4. Hamilton made a mistake trying to overtake Masa but he didn't say anything bad about mclaren not getting him out for qualifying and I don't see him throwing a hissy fit at Massa, just a bit of talking back.

  5. With Vettel Monopolizing the front it really does damage to a drivers psychie. Think of a time when you wanted to win something sooooo bad but you couldnt because someone else kept beating everybody else and it looked like they werent even trying. Psychologically that takes you off your game.

    Id like to see more than one person win all the time for the next season.

    Im more rooting for Senna now. Id like to see the Senna name rise again!

  6. Agreed with the first anonymous poster. How could you possibly consider that smiling and brushing him off?

    With that logic, one could say Lewis also brushed Massa off in this instance?

    Anyway, I disagree that Jenson is the one driving Hamilton off the deep end. I'd have to side with David in that Vettel's domination I think is what really eats away at Hammy and causes him to drive the way hes been driving.

  7. What a joke! First, stating that Alonso smiled and brushed off, not even close, then as always, trying to build the case against Barrichello (who happens to be the most experienced F1 driver in history). Go ahead and participate in over 300 F1 GPs and then post about how lame that is.

  8. Vettel is one thing. That one he can brush off as the RBR being better than the McLaren... which it is, if only slightly.

    But being beaten by Button? Button who he absolutely monstered in raw pace last year, and who's still a few tenths slower than him in qualifying? That's gotta hurt. Deeply. It's the same psych game Lewis pulled on Alonso (whether knowingly or not) when they were team-mates... only this time Lewis is on the losing end.

    There's something going on up there. Whether it's the split from his Dad... the frustration with losing to Red Bull, Button's incredible competence, the steward situation or something else (or all of the above), he's got to get over it and around it.

    Anyone catch Hamilton almost repeating the Massa incident going around a Mercedes later in the race? He was driving wonderfully at that point, but Hamilton was definitely on edge.

  9. Niky, when you judge any of paddock buddies - judge them by their final results. Hamilton does have a huge talent, but he's not consistent and not wise during last 2 years. Right now Button has 185 points, he's right behind Vettel, while Hamilton is fifth with 168 points on his score. And don't say anything on their qualification performance - only Sunday brings you points.

  10. It seems the jinx got Hamilton... that being if you give your guys a "dressing down" for mistakes, you end up having one too.

    Vettel + RB7 = crazy pace

  11. Guys...please read more:
    1. Hamilton bitched out his team after qualifying for making a mistake in qualifying.
    2 Hamilton said in an interview after qualifying that he is not content to be in in F1 to be mediocre like Barrichello (his words)
    3. after the Massa episode Hamilton stormed off and refused to talk to the media, this was reported by a number of journalists present.
    4. Look at the video, Alonso is just telling Massa "yeah yeah sure, whatever" not "Don't speak to me" and then having a hissy fit.


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