August 3, 2011

Toyota aims to pulverize Nürburgring lap record...

...for electric vehicles. The current record is held by Peugeot which lapped its weird sci-fi looking EX1 in 9:01.338. Fast for a golf cart but in real life teams, way slower than a Range Rover Sport.

Toyota Motorsport GmbH has a 160 mph, 0-62 in 3.9 second electric car hiding in the forests of Germany and figures they'll send the Peugeot lion scampering home. Usually, when these things are announced, it means the time has already been beaten unofficially and now it's just a matter of finding a nice day to film the event...

You'll be amazed when the time is revealed, that's one fast golf cart! Care to take a guess?

(more on Pitpass).


  1. I heard that they are using an innovative technology to achieve this time. Apparently, the throttle pedal has a unique device called a "floor mat" which allows the throttle to stay wide open over the entire lap (similar to what they are doing in F1, minus the retarded ignition) which will propel the car at speeds which even the driver will not expect...

  2. Personally, as with any other electric car and/or motorcycle, i proclaim a "Meh...".

    I require noise and vibrations. Even though i'm not a woman.

    Wait what

  3. @jacob B well, anything that goes 160 mph and 0-60 under 4 secs certainly has my interest... :)

  4. I can definitely see the appeal of electric motors, don't get me wrong. I was an avid RC airplane and car guy for many many years and the advantages of an electric engine in that particular setting is obvious.

    What i don't like about it, is the lack of "feel" and "personality" it seems to have. The motor pulls from 1rpm to thousands of RPM the same. There is no vibration of the engine, there is not sound bellowing under the hood. All that makes the driving experience for me.

    Is the potential to be extremely fast there? Most definitely, but i'd rather be slower and have character :).

    I think i'm getting old...


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