August 30, 2011

Good Hills Speed

Pure Porsche porn.

"When we are not busy shooting client work we like to shoot some personal projects with our friends and our buddy Shinji just happens to own a RWB 964 named "Good Hills Speed". Like all RWB's customers Shinji-san is passionate about his Porsches and is a very humble, fun and kind hearted person.

We asked Shinji-san "Why do you like RWB?" and Shinji made sure to tell us the most important key points of his car in English.

Please enjoy our fun interview."

(Luke Huxham/Maiham



  1. Holy shit. How great is that??? I love how he humbly says that he's a doctor and that he'll be driving the Porsche til he dies. I've got to work harder.

  2. Love thoe Rauh Welt videos. And cars :P.

    Thanks for posting this!

  3. He didn't add a "sporty" suspension, it was a "hard" suspension. No qualms whatsoever about the ridiculousness/awesomeness of his car. Great video!

  4. These videos are porn indeed, they create pure lust. I want oneeee! I'm willing to sweat like a pig, wear a towel around my neck and bounce around all day... sort of like dating a porn star.


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