August 26, 2011


Nick Heidfeld showed up at Spa in full Renault F1 regalia giving interviews left and right. The German is suing Lotus Renault after being kicked out of his seat in favor of a well funded Bruno Senna and in advance of a court hearing in two weeks, Heidfeld wanted to make sure he fulfilled the terms of his contract to a t. I imagine if both Bruno and he showed up at a sponsor event? ....aaaaawkward.

One has to believe there is more behind this story than is out right now. Lotus must be desperate for money, otherwise why keep the driver with less championship points? Petrov comes very well funded of course while Little Nick was getting a hefty salary.
Then again who knows, maybe Heidfeld is unbearable.... in any case, I'm sure Nick stroked his beard when he saw this...



  1. Why making the video private?
    Renault, Lotus, or whatever they are called right now are out of the real game.
    They will be in F1 just for advertising purposes in the near future, just to promote the brand.

    I don't even know who's who anymore.
    But it's true that I don't care, as well.

  2. I think Nick is no longer stroking his beard after that quali session.

  3. Which will make his presence in Spa, all dressed up like a Renault driver even more ...aaaaaawkward. :)

  4. Now Yellow Smilling for Little Nick!


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