July 27, 2011

Slammed BMW 1 M

we don't necessarily condone this setup but some people love it. Our friend EC was over at Stee's house last night swapping in a set of KW Clubsports. We'll let you know how it works. Gallery after the jump


  1. Ugh my eyes, poor 1-M :(

  2. Not pretty, seems like the trunk is fully loaded.
    There's to much of a difference between front 3+cm and back 2-cm.

  3. I loathe the form > function movement, even worse when its on a car thats pure function... Asian people, what can I say...

  4. Woah, hang on there Bob.... They didn't do the proper corner weight, ride height adjustments yet... You can blame eddie on a lot of things, but Asians are not at fault here :)

  5. Mmmm, 'slammed' or not, the 1 M is a good looking car, and I didn't think I'd be saying that about a 1-series :D

  6. Hmm, i'm not sure if i like it or not. Has the height been adjusted for looks, or simply not adjusted at all yet?

    The Clubsport kit is nice, so unless it is willingly slammed, it really isn't form > Function, but more the other way around.

    The 1M really is growing on me, though. I demand a Axis Mega test! 1M, e92 M3, E46 M3. Performance stock and pure driving pleasure stock, i say!

  7. this isnt really even slammed.. looks more like someone threw the suspension on without adjusting it and just wanted to snap a few..
    If this person wanted to slam it they wouldnt have left the wheel gap in the front..

  8. That looks pretty cool, and I'm not going to berate that the guy for dropping it that low, no one and I mean no one chucks on a set of Clubsports to give it a slammed look. Probably not adjusted yet.

    There are much, much cheaper set-ups you can buy to give the same look, KW Clubsports are pretty much the costliest way to go about doing that and is only used by people who will track.

    I actually respect him for ripping out the stock suspension and replacing it on a pretty much brand new car.


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