July 27, 2011

2011 BMW M5 Blue Brake calipers

I'm pretty sure Brembo had a hand in developing those... But a BMW ///M first, bling six piston calipers, Nice! More video after the jump, it's HD so get the settings right and of full screen!


  1. About time BMW started putting some serious brake muscle in the M5, AMG's been eating their lunch.

  2. Well AMG may be bling but all you ever hear is how the brakes have zero feel...

  3. Sounds like it has the anti-lag system...

  4. Why does M always put out these awkward corporate car demo videos?

  5. I don't know... it doesn't really make me that excited.

    Looks wise, kinda... i don't know. Nothing super great.

    Sound wise... major downgrade from the V10, undoubtedly.

    Performance wise? More than likely amazing.


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