July 16, 2011

Dear Moto GP riders...

Let me get this straight, you can do what you do week end in and week end out but are afraid to go 150 miles away from the Fukushima nuclear accident site for 3 days? You have got to be kidding me. You all, well most all ride Japanese bikes and this is how you give back? Takes more than a sticker, Stoner...



  1. they should check their bikes for radiation...

  2. I agree. It's ridiculous what MotoGP machinery and their riders can do. Just imagine the actual size of the contact patch of those tires? Miniscule!

    Regarding the whole 'Not going to Japan' thing, i think it's a dick move by Stoner (I'm not a fan, but he's an insanely good rider. Just hate his personality :P ).
    I can sort of see why, but honestly, it's not that big of a deal. I grew up during the time when Chernobyl happaned, couple hundred miles away, and look how i turned out! (Don't say anything...)

  3. The more I hear Casey Stoner speak the more I realize what a pathetic little bitch he really is. PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEASE BRING VALENTINO BACK.

  4. MotoGP's credibility took a nose dive with this whole Japan debacle. Those boys need to take their morning coffee with two spoonfulls of man the hell up. They talk a big game with their nice little Japan stickers on their bikes but then they don't have the balls to go race there. Stoner's comments deserve a smack. But then he deserves one of those every time he opens his mouth.

  5. Yeah amazing that Stoner had the nerve to run with a "Save Japan" sticker on his bike. I'm expecting some kind of PR concocted retraction or "clarification soon...

  6. Thing is, how much of this is the decision of the riders, and how much of this driven from behind the scenes. Look at it this way:

    The MotoGP riders, as you say, are danger junkies of the highest order. A bit of radiation shouldn't really scare them. But the riders don't participate in this sport on their own. They're backed up by dozens of people individually and the whole MotoGP circus is backed up by hundreds of staff. Are THEY all danger junkies? Probably not. Would they shy away from a bit of radiation? Probably. They would have kids and families and whatever and value their own health over the sport much more than the riders do.

    How hard do you think it would be to persuade a rider: "you don't REALLY want to go there, do you...?"

  7. 1) I want to see some 1000fps clips from the Sachsenring race yesterday. Excellent race and lots of slide-ways action.

    2) Most people have irrational fears of radiation and nuclear power in general. I think being an adrenaline junkie is orthogonal to that fear.

    3) It was lame of Stoner and Lorenzo to make absolute "I will not go" statements. They should wait for the report next week before opening their fat pie-holes.

  8. The last time I saw Stoner speaking on TV, I literally said: "Gah! He's starting to sound more and more like Nigel Mansell."

    That kid has got to stop whining. Honestly.

    As much of a gearhead that I am, I love watching GP bikes. And yeah, if there is some serious health concern, then by all means avoid areas of Japan the way you would the Nevada Test Site. But if it's just because you don't have a good feeling about it, then you shiould get some facts about how dangerous it is, and act on the facts, Casey.

  9. this is great! looks like he turns in soo early expecting the bike to slide into the ideal line smoothly.


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