June 14, 2011

Robert Kubica walking on his own

Robert Kubica was photographed walking outside the Formula Medicine clinic in Viareggio Italy. Formula Medicine is a medical training clinic run by Dr. Riccardo Chiccarelli who had helped Robert after a previous car accident:

" ...Kubica is not from a wealthy background but he is very talented, we first helped him when racing in the minor categories. He had been involved in a serious road accident, in a car driven by a friend in Poland. It had left him with his arm in plaster with a prognosis of six months and the risk of losing the use of his right hand. His career was at risk of being compromised.
We brought him to Italy to be operated in Lucca. He returned racing only forty days after the operation with a steel plate and eighteen screws in his arm. He made his debut in F3 and in 2007 started racing in F1 with BMW-Sauber."

Kubica is no stranger to pain or recovery. Get well soon Robert!
(Photo: TEAM)


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  1. I'm really glad to see him get this far. I hope I get to see him race on TV again.


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