June 6, 2011

FIA GT3 is great!

Audi R8 LMS - Sainteloc Pheonix Racing, Silverstone FIA GT3 Race - 1st May 2010

Check out this segment from the FIA GT race at the newly renovated Silverstone.
While GT1 seems to have evolved into a bit of a heavy handed clown show, FIA GT3 looks to have its mix just right with Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi and BMW fighting tooth an nail along with Astons, Fords, Porsches and Lamborghinis. What a series!
(Photo: Dave Adams)

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  1. Fantastic racing, what an awesome mix of hardware in this series too.

  2. Awesome race indeed ! I was there want some pictures ? ;)

  3. I love GT3, the racing is always top-notch. Unfortunately, the Bloomberg Channel doesn't seem to be showing the races this season (unless maybe they will only show it after the racing season is over).

  4. Love love love GT3, I just consider GT1 wonderful background scenery and aural stimulation for the GT3 races :P

  5. @Julien: how come I did not see them on your Flikr page? Of course we'd like to see them! :)

  6. I have a lot of work and I was sent there by Racerevo and mainly for the GT1.


    I'll update my flickr later I have some processing to do :(


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