June 1, 2011

Ferrari will introduce B-spec car for Silverstone

Bit of a scoop by Autosprint: Ferrari will introduce major changes in the F150 for the British GP in July.

The upcoming Montreal and Valencia are two tracks in many ways similar to Monaco, basically point and squirt and where the F150th's "falta de carga", as Alonso would say, in not a factor. Silverstone is another story and that's where Ferrari is to make its final stand. If the Pat Fry curated update does not work then Ferrari will start putting eggs in the 2012 basket.

Question is, will Alonso manage to drag the present car into enough points in the next two races for the revised Ferrari to even matter?



  1. unless the b-spec car blows everybody out of the water say, like, redbull has so far, silverstone is too late to really mount a comeback the way things are going thus far. seems like a way to save face more than anything else. maybe they can compete with mclaren for second, but i dont imagine much more than that.

  2. Maybe they're just ignoring the budget cap like Red Bull :)

  3. maybe it's a replica of the RB7.


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