June 1, 2011

F1 Rumor Roundup: Red Bull money, Ferrari aero and a Bahrain fight.


As always, make of them what you will...

A number of teams are rumored to be so upset by Red Bull breaking the FOTA agreement on spending that they are questioning why the team is part of an organization whose roles it does not follow.

At Monaco there were, story goes, words between Stefano Domenicali and Christian Horner about the amount on money Red Bull spends on team and personnel (have you seen the floating hospitality center in Monaco?) . As usual Red Bull have a clever answer and "reading of the rules", Horner claimed it's all fine as the team uses external subcontractors...

So Ferrari is mad, a number of other teams are mad, Mclaren has not yet taken a position either way, Marting Whitmarsh being FOTA's president...

Fernando Alonso

Ferrari is looking for a new aerodynamicist, the name making the rounds is current Mclaren, ex Renault, ex Ferrari John Iley. He would step in for Nikolas Tobazis who would then be freed of wind tunnel duties and either free to work on the 2012 car or go fishing depending on who you believe.


Finally, nobody wants Formula 1 in December ( not unless you had it in Finland with the cars using studded Pirelli Sottozero's, we say!). The only guy really standing up for what's right seems to be Ross Brawn. Good Luck to him, there is more than anyone knows riding on Bernie showing his CVC partners he can deliver profits under all and all adversity....



  1. Why would you not F1 in December? I'd love to see the season strung out for as long as possible!

  2. Looks like Ferrari needs to have some one just as clever to get around some of the rules. And if I'm not mistaken Ferrari is the only team that can license out there cars without any approval or say from Bernie(have you played GT5?).

  3. Go fishing or swimming with the fishes?


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