June 22, 2011


I don't want to pile on to McLaren but this video, from the opening of the flagship store in London, illustrates why people reacted so strongly to the recent round of comparison tests.
Bold statements like " the performance of this car is such that you can drive it on a track and do lap times you would would never have achieved in any other car" are looking a bit like...bad timing?
And never mind Lewis' "...Honestly, it handles better than any other car I have ever driven"

Mclaren have spent much on "Norman Foster" designed factories and dealerships at prestigious addresses around the world. That the 12c is not delivering in comparison to the very car it was built to trounce must be driving Ron bonkers...


  1. Well, to be fair, the tag line is "this is just the beginning" which I believe is marketing speak for "we made a bit of a mess of it but give us a break because its our first go."

    Ron is also looking a bit trollish as he ages. Maybe he IS destined to take over for Bernie someday...

  2. Interesting that Button says the F word. No one else has dared say it. Especially given his current contract negociations

  3. As much as the ear splittingly annoying way of not speaking in plain English is, and his overzealous and ridiculous way of whoring out his sponsors to people, Ron Dennis ran a damn tight ship at McLaren in F1. They are doing well, but it seems more and more they are becoming a PR disaster waiting to explode. JB keeps his mouth shut and drives, Lewis not so much. It looks like JB doesn't need adult supervision while Lewis needs a guiding hand to keep him sharp on and off the racetrack.

  4. @Anonymous...They let Button slide with the "F word" after that amazing win in Montreal.

  5. Hamilton and Button came off as very bland and unrehearsed - surprising considering how important this launch and car is for McLaren.

  6. i havent took the time to read more about this car but it seems you think its no good ac ?

    whis is that ? can you explain a bit more ??

  7. It's not that it's no good, it's just not as good as McLaren was trying to convince everyone it is. Feel free to read some of the other post a little further back


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