May 15, 2011

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Grind House

Adrian Sutil is reportedly being sued (somewhere) for $10 M by Genii Capital and Renault boss Eric Lux, who ended up requiting twenty four stitches do his neck after a confrontation with the German in a VIP area of a Shanghai club after the Chinese GP.

Lux left the bar bleeding, Lewis Hamilton also in the VIP, left with his bodyguards and Sutil, legend goes, slipped out the back door and out the country to avoid arrest.... Clearly Lux must have made a comment about Adrian's Panamera.
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  1. It would be nice to find out what really happened. Did Lux strike first or did Sutil go straight for the kill? Did Lewis Hamilton witness the entire episode? Will Sutil get to drive in Spain?

    It should make for entertaining commentary.

  2. Greatly entertaining, yet sad.

    Back in MY days (not reall true), racing drives would punch eachother before EACH race for fun!

    Joking aside, i think it's a stupid move to sue Sutil on something that happened outside of the racing circuit, or 'work'. Maybe Lux touched his girlfriend or something.

  3. Well a fight is one thing but looks like sutil was looking for a kill. Who goes straight for the neck?

  4. At least Sutil doesn't run the IMF

  5. I'm sure this involves Hamilton somehow... maybe Lux made a comment about the two BFFs.

  6. The name Eric Lux just sounds like some over gelled club promoter. I wonder what Lux said that prompted Sutil to go after his neck.

    "Fick dich"? "Verpiss dich"? "sie sind alle verdammt arschlocher"?

  7. I thought for sure Eric said something about getting out performed by his team mate to spark it, would like to know! Oh the drama in Formula 1.


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