April 15, 2011

What if you like a Rolls but also really, really like a Nissan 350z?

... not an issue if you are the Sultan of Brunei

Hilarously, the intent was to marry the stately front of a Rolls with the sporty rear of a 911.... the bodywork was done by an Indian "carrozzeria" who, just to be on the tasteful side, added lambo doors.
The car is now apparently for sale, anyone have Adrien Sutil's e-mail?
(Autotrader via Repubblica).

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  1. Most likely the handiwork of DC Design - the only firm that gives Monsory a run for its money in the hideousness department

  2. yup its a DC, Made for some Indian guy in the UK.
    Its not like we Indians love him either. here's a whole thread discussing his carbage factory and its creations

  3. What if all your taste is in your mouth?


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