April 19, 2011

NASA North East Spec E30 season opener @ NJMP

Spec e30S#!t on Herbs!

The Axis of Oversteer 343 car of Peter Thiboult and the 77 of Sean Curran started side by side in Sunday's NASA Spec e30 race at New Jersey Motorsport Park's Lightning.

Pete and Sean have great opening lap scraps until Sean reads lapped traffic a bit better and slips ahead. Then Sean gets hit (11:40) trying to squeeze by a blind man driving a yellow Miata and 343 gets in front. There are a couple of full course yellows...one inexplicably with no pace car and the fight goes on between the two BMWs.

Real bumpers show their value as the two make their way through slower and sometime apparently clueless traffic until Pete's luck runs out (around 16 min.) as he gets taken out by a car that had spun next to him.
Sean takes the win, Pete will be back at the secret warehouse fixing some body panels.

Spec E30 race with NASA NE at Lightning. Started P2, finished 1st. There were two full course cautions, one only lasted a lap and the pace car never came out, that's why the first restart is a bit weird.

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  1. While I loved reading the comment "a blind man driving a yellow miata" the E30 clearly understeers off his tight line and hits the miata.

  2. Actually, Shawn saw a yeallow right as he was passing the Miata and lifted, not wanting to pass with a yellow. The Miata did not see it and was already committed to tucking in behind....so there you go :)

  3. AC 2 possible things happened, the E30 tried to make the pass and couldnt hold the tight line and ran into the side of the miata(E30's fault) OR the E30 completed the pass and then saw the yellow, panicked lifted or hit the brakes mid corner and caused the miata to run into the back of him...which I would also consider the E30's fault

    Everybody makes mistakes its alright, I was just pointing out what I saw.

  4. Awesome racing guys and great video.

  5. S.O.H.? Awesome driving guys. Watched the race from the sidelines and those videos are even better.


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