April 20, 2011

Axis 1 Lap: VIR test, day 1


Very frustrating day but hey, that's what test days are for yeah? Al sorts of little problems popped up today and the result was very little running and much time spent on a lift. Shawn from Trinity Motorsports and Alex from Apex Speed managed to get through most of the issues with the rest to be addressed between here and the the start of the One Lap (including getting ABS to work, that's a big one.).

Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully we'll get some proper seat time because us running laps in the Sentra rental car was embarrassing the many Porsche drivers present... I think most of the 997 GT3 RS II in the US were here today at the David Murry Track Days event!

. .


  1. Good luck! Lots of Brain power there to find the magic.

  2. Nice photo spread. I appreciate the BMW E36 M3 pic...fabulous track cars, they are.

    Hope you get your vehicle sorted. It's been fun watching the build.


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