April 16, 2011

And now for something more analog...

While you wait for the Chinese GP, have a look at something distinctly more analog.

Alex King is one of Axis's oldest friends and from time to time he will share a little gem with us tracktards. Have a look at JR Hildebrand working a set of Avon wets hard on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve last June before the Grand Prix.

JR is onboard the 1976 Penske PC4 which won the Austrian GP that year with John Watson and it was restored and is currently looked after by Doug Mockett.

Love the chest cam. Thanks Alex!

(photo:JR Kortez, Video courtesy of Alex King))

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  1. this is better then watching f1 these days

  2. so much fun watching! towards the end it´s getting real crazy.

  3. Fuck. F1 should be like this. I don't want to see the best car, i want to see the best driver. And this is what I call driving: sliding around with a clutch and a stick.

  4. It was actually the '76 Austrian Grand Prix where Penske won, a year after Mark Donohue and two marshals died at the same track.

  5. Actually, this is a common misconception that it's easier to drive modern F1 cars than the cars of that Era (what, for example, Niki Launda proved several years ago).

  6. @Raphael thanks, and I had looked it up too!
    @ stilzel: correct, faster is always harder . See post below this one for reference!

  7. A clutch and a stick dont make a car harder to drive. They just make it more cumbersome.
    The only rule is that the faster the car, the harder it is to drive. Most of the heritage era drivers wont stand a chance in modern F1 cars because of their lack of shape, slower reflexes and inability to multitask as the young gund of today.

  8. @ but it's more spectacular to watch, like old rally cars. Part of the fun is that things happen slow enough that you can actually see them happening!


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