April 17, 2011

2011 Chinese GP: Hamilton wins but it was Webber's race

I would have loved to see the look on Horner and Marko's faces when Webber passed Button on the second to last turn on the final lap but perhaps even more so when, during the press conference, he said he was happy someone beat his teammate! What an extraordinary thing to hear.
Not bad for a #2 driver again, after being put by the team on hard tires in Q1 Saturday, after again not having a working KERS (tell me again what good is KERS?). Webber deliverer a rather clear message to Red Bull:

Red Bull seemed to be a bit too convinced of its speed coming into the race. we mentioned they had done successful long stints in practice and that it looked like they would go for a 2 stopper. I suppose they figured they would have such an advantage between the car and Vettel running off after the start that they would be ok...bzzz wrong. Mclaren with Hamilton destroyed Vettel and the Red Bull brain trust today, what a performance by them. But for me, and many of you I'm sure, it was Webber's best race ever. Yes he had the right strategy, yes he's driving an RB7, but there was that fire that only comes to someone who eats red mist for breakfast. Frankly, Vettel may be world champion but I don't remember him putting in a performance like that ever. Go @aussiegrit!

I guess everyone loved the artificial tire degradation related passing, it sure made the job of putting together the usual Executive Summary long! enjoy.



  1. Thank you, that was awesome !

  2. quick question, who's that cute chick in McLaren's pit? She's even in the crew congratulating HAM at the end of the race.

  3. I think it was the best race of the last 2 or 3 years. It was really a delight for the viewer's eye, and I hope it's just the foreplay for something more spectacular to come. Greetings

  4. A few more laps and Webber would have been on Vettel's tail. That would have been interesting, wonder how the team would have handled that.

  5. Once again, thank you for this.

    Something a bit circus-y about F1 2011-style, but I'm not complaining.

    Am I wrong or are there vast empty grandstands -- the blue structures with the gigantic Chinese characters on them.

    Thanks again.

    PS Won't object of you Executively Summarize Sepang, even out of order.

  6. So if Webber did so well without KERS, and Vettel got hammered racing under the same conditions, then what gives? Were Vettel's tires just shot by the the time Hamilton got close to him or what?


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