March 14, 2011

Fukushima Drift

While I'm sure disaster pictures bring lots of precious page views, as car guys we prefer to send our wishes remembering that, among many other things, our Japanese friends are leaders in car culture, innovation and passion.

Hang in there, Tracktards!

Remi Schouten of shot these two great clips last year, one is from a Drift matsuri in Fukushima, the second from the 2010 Nismo festival at Fuji Speedway. Enjoy them.



  1. i think ebisu is a more common name for the drift track of Kumakubo

  2. Yes, the Ebisu track in the Fukushima district, do I have that right?

  3. yes you have, but still most people wont understand that you mean drifting in ebisu until they watch the video ;)

  4. yeah, I was trying to tie it to a name they might have heard on the news...
    Hope all those in these vids will be OK


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