March 21, 2011

Axis 1 Lap: One last tease...

Which should pretty much give it away :)



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  1. Z3 bay but also features in the mcoupe and that back end looks like mcoupe

  2. I guess it fits. But doesn't look like an xtrac trans in there? Slightly disappointing, with that powerplant :(

  3. Actually, I think that's not there because it could not be worked out in time, but it is planned for the future from what I understand.

  4. Drooling over this and looking forward to more pics and video. I hope you are getting video.

  5. Suuuuweeeet! Looking forward to more pics and video!

  6. @Pete yes, as AC mentioned, the original plan was for a proper sequential, but when the desired unit wasn't going to be available in time, decided to go with the OEM M5 box in the interim instead of settling for an inferior sequential box. This also gives us the chance to get a better idea of the ratios we want in the purpose-built box.

    @Everyone much thanks for all the love...we'll do our best to put on a good show!


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